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Gymnastics, fitness, and fun for all ages and abilities since 1997.

Registration is ongoing for all school year classes.  Space is limited.   See you in the gym!

Team Maddie

Maddies’s PROMISE PROVIDES FUNDING FOR RARE PEDIATRIC CANCER RESEARCH OFFERING THE MOST PROMISE. Maddie’s Promise is more than a tribute to a beautiful and beautifully strong eleven-year-old girl gone too soon; it’s a rally cry to push rare childhood cancer research forward — creating tangible, life-saving treatments along the way.

About Us

Head Over Heels boasts one of the nicest gymnastics facilities on the South Shore. We have all of the latest and greatest girls, boys, and preschool equipment, as well as countless mats and specialized equipment for all events. For your convenience, we have two observation areas (upstairs and downstairs) allowing you to enjoy your child’s class comfortably. Both of these viewing areas give a clear view of all parts of the gym.


December Fun Days – Monday December 26th through Friday December 30, 2022

We are now accepting registration for our December Fun Days. Half days and full days available. Sign up today! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOH will be closed for regular classes on the following dates: Thanksgiving Holiday: 11/24–11/26/22 Winter Holiday Break: 12/24–1/1/23 February Break: 2/20–2/25/23 April Break: 4/17–4/22/23 Memorial Day Holiday: 5/29/23 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Safety Policy: For the safety of our students, please do not knock on the the windows or try to get your child's attention during their class. Videotaping and photography are not permitted. No gymnastics or running in the lobbies. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Things to Remember: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Arrival time is 15 minutes prior to the start of your class. 3:45, 4:00 & 4:30 classes; will put their belongings in the cubbies downstairs and line up by the downstairs windows. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4:45 and later classes; will put their belongings in the cubbies upstairs and line up at the top of the stairs and the teachers will call them down when it is time. Check in and attendance will take place in the gym with their instructor. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dress Code: Girls- Leotard or shorts and a form fitted shirt that does not ride up. No crop tops. Hair pulled back- It is not safe to do gymnastics if hair is obscuring vision. Bare Feet. Boys- Gym style shorts or sweatpants and shirt. Bare Feet. Zippers, buttons, Fitbit's, etc. are not allowed. No jewelry other than stud earrings. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please do not send your child to class if they are not feeling well. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pick Up Policy - Please come in, do not wait in your car. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you!